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Established 2007




Elaine understands that different dog owners have different needs and also different dog problems. She therefore offers a One-to-One service in which she would typically meet you and your dog, discuss the issues or requirements that you have, and then show you and teach you how to best manage your dog so that it will behave how you wish it to behave. This can be very simple and is often solved in just one session.

Typical issues for customers include dogs not being sociable with other dogs or pulling on the lead – both of which can make dog walks miserable. Other unwanted behaviours include being destructive in the house, howling, or not being able to be left alone – basically anything that doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle and how you want your dog to be. Elaine can help all issues, from training the family dog so that the kids can walk it, to deeper training for assistance dogs.

Whilst it is always better to work with the owner, Elaine understands that this is not always convenient, so – as long as there is a discussion first – she can also offer sessions for her to deal with your dog alone.

Prices start at £50 per session, depending on your location. Sessions are typically between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the issue and how quickly it is resolved. Please contact Elaine to discuss your problems, and she will start to help you find your solutions…


Gwen is looking much happier today, and has been back to her old self on her morning walks, racing around. I was doing heelwork at 9.00pm last night as she had been nervous during the last walk. Worked a treat! She focused on the job instead of worrying – great advice”. June & Gwen


Thank you for a really helpful first session Elaine, I feel more confident already”. Di & Merry (foster dog)



Contact Elaine on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  07989 668827.





Follow-on classes



For those who wish to take their dog training further than that achieved in Puppy Prep School, Elaine also holds follow-on classes. This is for those who want a higher level of training, maybe who want to consider competitions or simply want their dog to do more than is taught in Puppy Prep School. In this class, Elaine teaches dogs to do more, do it further away from their owner, and at a higher level of control.

It's still a fun class and whilst the dogs are enjoying themselves together, they are also learning a greater level of sociability, as well as getting some exercise. Contact Elaine for more details or enrolment form.

COST £8 per night


LOCATION: Jubilee hall, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells LD2 3TY


It’s been so good getting all sorts of advice & seeing all training come to fruition” Abi & Cooper


Ebby will 'come', 'sit', 'stay' 'watch me', 'heel', 'down' and much more. She is a highly energetic Cocker Spaniel, 11 months old and can do all these commands 9for her own good and safety and an my sanity!) thanks to the fantastic training she gets at Elaine's puppy classes. Ebby will be taking her Bronze Kennel club Good Citizens Award in July. Thank you Elaine for your excellent classes, your incredible skill and empathy with training dogs and your endless patience with us handlers.! Caroline.


Contact Elaine on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   07989 668827.




About Elaine


Elaine Payton has always loved animals and has had a special place in her heart for dogs and horses since a young girl. She feels it’s always been within her to be able to encourage animals to do what she would like them to do – her first success being training her guinea pig to go over jumps in the garden. 

Puppy Prep School was started as a place whereby owners could bring their puppies and throughout a course of six weeks, would train and socialise their dogs to become the dogs their owners wanted to live with. The course proved so successful that word spread and they are now held throughout the year in various locations.

Elaine is very aware she trains the owners as much as she trains the dogs and does this in a fun environment helping the humans learn how to manage and enjoy their pets.

Elaine’s mantra has always been “Make your dog the one you want to live with” and has always recognised it’s rarely the dog that is responsible for the behaviour, but more the owner who hasn’t quite understood how to train their dog correctly.

Elaine provides a number of opportunities to teach dog owners how to train and manage their own dogs so that they too can have the dog they want to live with. She understands that different people want different things from their dogs – but most want a dog that is happy and healthy and one that can fit in with their world, be it taking it for a run around the park, walking with the kids to school or being happy left at home whilst the owner goes out.

Elaine is a qualified instructor having trained with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, and a behaviourist qualifying with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training. She has an Open College diploma in Canine Psychology and is listed in the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen’s Dog Scheme. She’s been running her dog-training business since 2007 and over that time has trained thousands of dogs and their owners – from pedigrees to cross breeds. She loves bumping into dogs that she has helped train over the years, and which are still being enjoyed by their owners. She has attended many seminars, workshops and clinics with many of the most respected trainers in the world.

With Puppy Prep School, Intermediate and Adult classes, as well as options for One-to-One assistance, and zoom calls.

Contact Elaine for an enrolment form or to make an appointment.


Thank you; I think Honey has greatly improved with her behaviour since she came to classes,” Beryl & Honey