Established 2007


At Puppy Prep School & Further Education for Dogs we aim to produce happy, socialised, responsive dogs. The training is not just for the dogs; the handlers are shown the modern methods of training which they are amazed how easy and quickly their puppy/dog responds and learns.

There are no harsh methods used, no choke chains, no shouting commands, in fact in some circumstances silence works when everything else, (that has been tried according to the owner), has failed.

We are lucky to have a large hall to work in and areas for the stressed dog to observe the class from a distance, prior to joining in.

Handlers make friends and all are welcome catering for all disabilities including wheelchair users.

Informative leaflets are provided including advice on nutrition.




I have attended seminars absorbing much information from some of the world's greatest dog trainers, ethologists, behaviourists and psychologists; including:-

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Roger Abrantes

Nina Bonderenko

Brenda Aloff

Turid Rugaas

Cesar Milan

Marie Miller

Geert de Bolster

Prof. Nicholas Dodman

Chirag Patel

David Ryan

Also 1-2-1 consultation with Dima Yeremenko

Denise McCleod

Muriel Brasseur

Craig Ogilvie

Leslie McDevitt  

Russell Becque

Amber Batson

Rachel Bean

Bente Dubnitzki

John Rogerson

Dawn Waterhouse

N.B. Although attending all the above seminars/talks I do not  approve of all methods used by Cesar Milan.




Seminar attendance history:-


July 2010 - 3 day seminar Milton Keynes

Dr. Ian Dunbar M.R.C.V.S

which included

1. Predict and Prevent Adolescent/Adult Problems

2. Quick & Easy, Reliable, Off-Leash Verbal Control

3. Science-Based Dog Training with Feeling


  March 2011, Birmingham 

 Turid Rugaas 

'From the dog's point of view'.

We should all consider how our dogs feel and do our best to enrich their lives.



 December 12th & 13th 2011, Buckingham

 Dr. Roger Abrantes 

"Brave New World of Dog Training - Science with a Brain and a Heart"


A most interesting, informative, educational and enjoyable 2 days. Amazing to see video footage of a trained rat searching for land mines, a cat doing heelwork and 'sit' when the handler halted, wolf behaviour, and also dogs in training. Dr. Abrantes discussed the myths surrounding 'leadership,' 'dominance' and 'aggression'.


May 2012  Enfield, Middlesex

Geert de Bolster



 October 8th & 9th 2012 Amersham, Buckinghamshire

 Dr. Nichlolas Dodman

 'Well Adjusted Dog' 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Phobias.


 April 27th 2013 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Brenda Aloff

 ''The Reactive Dog'


  June 5th 2013 Trefeglwys, Powys  

Trevor Cooper

 'Doglaw: What every responsible dog owner needs to know' 



September 21st  2013, Abergavenny

1st aid for dogs course.


May 13th & 14th 2014  Maidenhead, Berkshire

Brenda Aloff

Instructors Workshop


November 9th 2014 Cardiff

 Chirag Patel

Understanding and communicating to your canine companion


June 27th & 28th Caersws

Sally Marchant

Film & TV Masterclass 


 July 26th 2015 Ponthir

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Pros & Cons of the Five Reward-Based Training Techniques


November 7th 2015, Birmingham   

 David Ryan  

Preditary Chase.



April 11th & 12th 2016, Bedfordshire.     

Brenda Aloff 

Handling reactive dogs.

Training reactive dogs.



November 19th 2016, Nottingham.

Denise Mcleod

Cadelac Turn & Face method for reactive dogs.


April 21st & 22nd 2017, Ringmer, E.Sussex

Muriel Brasseur 

Interactive Behaviour & Training clinic

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours.



September 2nd 2017, Llanwelwedd, Powys

Craig Ogilvie 

Interactive play workshop



March 19th 2018, Cardiff

Caroline Cowan

Fitpaws master trainer.

Proprioception workshop


May 26th & 27th 2018, Purley, Gloucestershire

Leslie McDevitt

Control Unleashed Workshop


June 23rd & 24th 2018, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire


Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

2018 Conference for Dog Trainers & Behaviourists


Kay Laurence

The Urban Collie – What does finished training look like?

Claudia Pereira Estanislau

The Mulit-dog Household

Dr. Isla Fishburn

Understanding Individual Function

David Brice

Working with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Robin Toal

APOPO/Hero Rats – Training Rats for Landmine & TB Detection

Robert Hewings

Trouble Shooting for the Working Dog

John McGuigan

The Logan Diaries – From Kennel Dog to New Home – Clearing the Confusion in Training


September 1st Cosham 2018, Portsmouth, Sussex.

 Russell Becque

Impulse control workshop


December 2nd 2018,Cardiff

Amber Batson

What's up Dog


December 8th 2018, Llanelwedd

 Rachel Bean

Canine First Aid Workshop


September 29th 2019 Cardiff

Trevor Cooper

Dog Law Seminar


January 24th Zoom from Australia

Bente Dubnitzki

Film & TV course


September 9th & 10th Caersws

John Rogerson

Recall course


February 24th Lanelwedd


Trevor Cooper

Dog Law


March 22nd 2024

Dawn Waterhouse

Homeopathy for Dogs



Puppy Prep School has Kennel Club Listed Status

We hold the KC Good Citizens tests in Builth Wells - enquiries welcome.


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Whitchurch Rally Obedience Results 3/9/2011

Epaminondas (Nonny) 5th - 204

Gwen - 198

Charlie - 194

Jack - 185

Kizmet (Kizzy) - 184

Bob - 167

Nonny, Kizzy, Gwen, Charlie, Jack all qualified at the Whitchurch Rally Obedience competition on 3rd September 2011

9 month old Bob only just missed out by 3 points.

Nonny came 5th scoring 204 out of a possible 210 marks.

Well done to all.