He learns fast, already he is not pulling as much, posting cheque today, and thanks for your help yesterday, looking forward to class.



Gwen is doing really well!

 Best wishes,



Great puppy class last night. Was really, really pleased with Jack. He was looking at me whilst doing heel work – a first.

 How are things with you and Nonny?


Hello Elaine

Thank you for another very good dog class last night.

I was wondering: during the weeks when I'm back in Wales, would it be possible to bring Timmy to your class and pay you just for that individual session? He's benefitted so much from your classes that I'd really like to continue bringing him when I can.

I'm so glad that dear Nonny is showing signs of improvement - I do hope he's turned the corner now.

Best wishes


Hello Elaine,

Had reply from Terry, he has asked me to keep photo of Picture in Western Mail. He enjoyed your class and was well impressed by the way you operate.!!!!!


Gwen is looking much happier today, and has been back to old self on her morning walks, racing around and annoying everyone, and barking at the top of her voice. I was doing heelwork out on the front at 9.00pm last night (not the Ready, Steady kind) as she had been nervous during the last walk. Worked a treat! She focused on the job instead of worrying – great advice.

Hope you’re feeling better,

J + dayglo dogs

Just to let you know that Charlie passed his assessment with flying colours this morning. Woman said he was a real gentleman! Very proud of him.Turned out she is also an assessor for Good Citizens (bronze sliver and gold) so she was very good. Thinks it’s a wonderful scheme.

Thanks to you too for all the help with training.


thank you for a really helpful first session Elaine, I feel more confident, already, and I am sure it will be of great benefit in helping Merry to be re-homed with a good owner

looking forward to next week

Di Greaves


dear elaine,
i just wanted to let you know that i have had 3 visitors and rolo hasnt jumped on any of them, it took real restraint on his behalf, but i am so so proud of him! all that hard work seems to be paying off i am seeing a glimmer of hope and have to declare that at long last i have fallen head over heels with him! he suddenly seems a tad calmer, and tries so hard to pay attention!
jake told him to "stay" at the bottom of the stairs yesterday while he went upstairs to get something and despite there being other people freely moving around him ,to jakes great surprise when he got back down rolo was still waiting!
i thank you (all) from the bottom of my heart for all your patiuence and knidness and support and for loving rolo when i felt it impossible! happy a wonderful christmas i look forward to the 12 th of january.
becki xx
ps while i have written this he has eaten my wood basket! mmmmmmm (still love him tho')


Hi Elaine

It was nice to see you too, and to feel much happier that it's not just us who think that Rudi's a lovely lad.  It will take some time, but I'm sure we'll get there eventually - just as long as he's happy.  What a great idea about the gate - and in various stages of blanketed or otherwise.  That's a brilliant idea - thanks!

The car park's another good idea.  He's worn out now - fast asleep on my feet. 

It's so nice to meet someone who obviously cares about making their lives as happy as possible.  Just lately I seem to have heard only about lost hounds, the number of foxes which have been bagged and sheepdogs who don't work out ... You've restored my faith.

Best wishes

Jan and Merv

Dear Elaine,

I wanted to thank you for all the great training techniques you have taught me over the past few weeks with Ambo.

 I would like to ask you about furthering his training? And what you would suggest. I do apologise for my delayed email to you, I was intending to ask you in person at the last session but it was rather busy at the time. If you would be able to give us some advice that would be fantastic, I know Ambo would look forward to some new challenges.

Kind regards

Tomas Winterton

BSc (Hons)


Dear Elaine,

just to say Rebecca, with Lilly, and myself really found your class interesting and helpful, so thank you.

We won't be here next week as we are going away for 1/2 term as a family.

kind regards,

Agnieszka Pearson

hi Elaine

Just to let you know Rosie (whippet) is doing brilliant at not barkin at visitor since you shown us how to correct it. the collie hasnt picked it up as fast but we are getting there. So thankyou again for helping




This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.puppyprepschool.co.uk/ from:

Anita Cullingford 

Hi Elaine,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the tuition, help and advice you've given us over the last 6 weeks to help with Bella.

I'm sad to see the end of the course, myself, my daughters and Bella have loved attending each week and shall miss it!I

We will continue with Bella's training and hope to join you for the next course once she's good enough!

I'm sorry I did not get to sign your visitor book, but please feel free to use this testament in whichever way you want.

With best wishes,

Anita Cullingford


Hi Elaine. Thanks for all the helpful tips and strategies. I have been working on these and they are doing well so far. I will fill forms in and return to you at the beginning of the month. Lovely to meet you too. 

Angie, Kane and CC.


Hi   Thank you so much for the classes. I know I have a live wire but I am sure that we will both get there in the end.   

I joined dog trust as you recommended for insurance, a good deal.

 Hunny's kennel club name is Gwenno Gwcw.  I forgot to sign your book but we really enjoyed ourselves also learnt a lot, thanks again.

   Many best wishes  hope to see you in the future.

                                                                             Clare & Hunny


Hello Elaine

Many thanks for your time last week and I am happy to confirm that the lessons you taught Rocco and me have been successful. He now sits and lies down before taking food and will return to me when I command 'come' - well most of the time.  We still have a problem with Rocco barking at and trying to chase anything with wheels and an engine. I think we will still have a problem with his car chasing - I am not sure that it is Rocco's anxiety or this is copied behavior from next doors' dogs. However he will now get into our cars and seems to enjoy the trips. Do you think this is something that you could help with? Rocco also is very upset if one of us leaves the house - may be this is the cars starting up? Anyway he has what I can only describe as a tantrum - complete withe the quivering of the bottom lip!

He is going to the Vet on May 9th for a little operation which we hope will help to calm him down. Any suggestions or thoughts would be most welcome.

Very best regards

Carole Gibbs


You beat me to it ! I was going to write and say thank you for the

time you gave Freddy and I and your helpful guidance all of which I

tried to remember and explain to my husband.

I have already bought the Lovejoys food and will endeavour to follow your training diligently and systematically !

It was most interesting to meet you. Best wishes Fran


Dear Elaine,

just a quick note to say how much Ambo has improved since last nights training. He is responsive, listens to me and is keen to be doing things!!! It's also giving me confidence in handling him! Thank you for all your patience and guidance, we are away next week but back the following week. Looking forward to it. Thank you! Angela & Ambo


Aurwen Mills Thank you for your lovely comments. So much love in this wonderful boy. We are looking forward to the next round of "Puppy prep school" with the ever patient Elaine Bolton. Thank you Elaine for all your help and guidance xxx

(Elaine says:- This dog suffered extreme cruelty and trauma during a burglary.)


(visitor book)